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Family Friendly Features to Look For When Buying a Home

There's one thing that Denver does not have a lack of and that's diverse neighborhoods. But with so many to choose from, how does one go about picking a great one for your young family?

Let's face it, that bachelor or bachelorette pad that you once thought was no-big-deal to fend for street parking and three story walk-ups but now, the thought of lugging all of that baby gear is a bit more daunting than the latter 'no-big-deal'. Now, priorities shift away from walking distance to the local bar, nightlife and restaurants, to school district ratings and crime rates.

So, let's take a look at the top three areas (in addition to school districts and crime ratings) you should consider before you lean to the burbs as a contender.

1. A Community Network - Let's face it, it takes a village to raise children and surrounding yourself with families with children close in age, helps more than you know. This not only creates a great network of friends to yourself, but for your kiddos as well.

Tips: When driving around a new neighborhood, look for evidence of children or families out-and-about. Are there toys in the yard, a park near by or people walking or riding their bikes? All are clues to kids in tow and good sights to see that show lots of potential.

2. Parks or Playgrounds - Playdates just go with the territory when you have kids, so the easier neighborhood parks and playgrounds are to access, the better. Stroller walks around the neighborhood come in so handy when needed and are oftentimes more enjoyable when the scenery is suited. They also add unlimited amounts of entertainment with endless sidewalks for open art displays and learning to ride that bike.

Tips: If you're able to move during a warmer season, parks and playgrounds are a great place to get out and socialize while you meet your neighbors.

So, while you're on the hunt for your next perfect home, take some extra time to slow down while you look around and think that there's more to house-hunting than just the house. Paying attention to the surroundings and the neighborhood the home is located in will give you all the clues you'll need to help make the best decision for your family.

Have any other tips that you've taken into consideration when buying your home with a family? I'd love to hear!

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