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Buying a Home - Don't Do This Before You Close

As you’re waiting to close on a home, there are some things you should hold off on doing. Being this close to having your dream home, they’re worth the wait.

Here are 4 things to avoid during the closing process:

1. Changing jobs. Your job has a lot to do with your loan approval and if you switch jobs, you risk losing your loan. You may be subject to employment verification at any time. Don’t jeopardize your future home for another job.

2. Switching Banks. Keep your money where it is. The less you move, withdrawal, or deposit your money; the better off you’ll stand. Your money is going to, or has been, verified at the bank you originally had. If it’s not there one day, it’s not going to end up well.

3. Paying off accounts. This may sound like it’ll help your situation, but it may not. Unless your loan officer specifically advises it, keep your accounts where they are and pay them off AFTER you close.

4. Making large purchases. One of the worst things you can do in the closing process is going out and making a new purchase (i.e. buying a new car.) Once again, keep your money where it is.

If you can avoid doing these things, your closing process should run smoothly.

Any questions I can answer for you, I'm happy to! Send them my way!

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