Theres's one thing that I'm passionate about and that is families.  


Whether you're engaged, recently married or needing more space for your growing family, change is a very exciting chapter of life that should be celebrated. 

No matter where you are in life, deciding where to look for and find your forever home can be an overwhelming process with close to as many details as a wedding - there are many things to consider. 


One thing however is certain, the place that you call home will always and forever have a special place in your hearts. It's the place where life happens and memories are made. 

Hi!  I'm Kelli.  It's my mission to help newlywed couples and first-time home buyers finance the home for their happily ever after.  I love empowering people to make sound financing decisions.  Learn more about me here.  

When my husband Jan and I got married, we were eager to start our lives together and find a space that was all our own.  Naturally we had no idea what we were looking for or what we really wanted but we were determined to find our 'perfect-for-us' space that was all our own. 


Here is my husband Jan and I on our wedding day.  Beautiful Red Rocks.

What Jan and I learned during our home-buying process, I'd like to share with you my... 

6 Tips for Buying Your First Home Together


1. Find a Good Lender - ok, this one, I am not just biased but a good lender who has your best interest at hand can really help you set-the-stage and give you a realistic expectation for what you can actually afford. 


Find someone you are comfortable with, ask questions and make certain you understand all of the options available to you before you decide to move forward.  

**Ahem - allow me to introduce myself, I'm Kelli and I am your trusty mortage lender. :)

If not me, be sure to find someone you are comfortable with, ask questions and make certain you understand all of the options available to you before you decide to move forward.  

2. Find a Good Realtor - this one is as important as #1.  A Realtor is someone in your corner with the knowledge, expertise and experience to help guide you through the sale. They work with you, on your behalf to ensure that problems and potential issues are resolved and to negotiate a number that you both are comfortable with.  

3. Make a List - having a list of must-haves that you would like to have in your home as well as a separate list of extras that if you are able to find, would be considered a bonus!

Keeping this list on-hand while you tour houses will help the two of you stay on track and on-target with your goals.  

4. Timeframe - although it may be difficult to do, a little bit of thoughtful planning will save you in the long run.  Think about how long you want to stay in your new home and factor in things such as, distance to work and/or family. school district, etc.  The number of extra bedrooms and bathrooms may not matter today but will they in the future?

5. Be Willing to Compromise - let's face it - you both won't fall in love with EVERY house you find, you will love some your spouse loves and vice versa. This is where the lists you made in #3 (see above) will come in VERY handy - trust me. 

6. Have fun! - remember, you're newlyweds! Enjoy the process, each other and have fun!


INTO YOUR   forever HOME? 



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