You're buying a home (or you're thinking about it)!  What an exciting time in your life!  So much to plan, so much to decide - where do you start?

Hi!  I'm Kelli.  It's my mission to help newlywed couples and first-time home buyers finance the home for their happily ever after.  I love empowering people to make sound financing decisions.  Learn more about me here.  

As a first-time buyer, seeking the advice of experienced professionals can make ALL the difference.   Here are a few tips to keep you on-track and working together to find your first home.

4 Tips for First-Time Homebuyers


1. Determine your wants - get clear on what you REALLY want, what you're willing to compromise on and what is negotiable.  Make a list and use it as a reference to keep you focused and to help you narrow down your options. 

5. Have fun! - Don't take things too seriously and remember to enjoy the process, each other and have fun!


INTO YOUR   forever HOME? 


2. Get pre-qualified - sit with a lender to get a clear understanding of where you stand financially, how much house you can afford and what your rates will be.  Having a clear picture of what to look for financially, will help save you time on your search. 


3. Work with a Realtor - an experienced professional can prove to be invaluable during the home buying process.  A good Realtor will listen to you, understand your wants and needs and work with you, on your side to negotiate and anticipate issues when they arise. 


4. Ask a lot of questions - do your research - this is a significantly large purchase and it's best to have a good understanding of what to expect, what your responsibilites are, what the process is and how your expert team can help you.



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