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Your Moving Checklist

You’ve just bought your first home and now it’s time to move! Bittersweet, right? Especially after you’ve gone through the whole process of getting a loan, looking for a house, finding a house, bidding on the house, closing on the house, now you have to move into the house! Yes, it can get a bit overwhelming. If you can’t, or just choose not to, hire professional movers, then this step-by-step to moving into your new home is for you!

[if !supportLists]1. Plan, plan, plan! How much time do you have to move and how many things do you have to pack? Don’t try to do everything at once, plan ahead and save yourself from anxiety and stress. The best way to plan is from moving day and backwards. Plan out all of the items you will need to do and schedule in each of these items on different days of the week to save yourself from being overwhelmed and harried at the eleventh hour. Don't forget that things usually take longer than you would like them to or that you anticipate them to and to create some space to handle things that come up unexpectedly or that you didn't forsee during your initial planning period. Involve other family members in this process to, everyone can share in what it takes to start your new chapter!

[if !supportLists]2. Pack and clean out one room at a time- even if it’s a room a day. This is a great opportunity to clean out the old stuff. Plus, it’s less stuff you have to move. YAY! Consider donating items to your local Goodwill or other charities close to your heart if those items no longer serve you or will just take up space in your moving truck. Remember, cleaning a room will feel so much simpler once all of the packing is done and all you are looking at is the basics. Don't forget to run a wet cloth over the walls- you would be surprised at the dust and grime that can collect on the walls, espcially on walls that were behind furniture. Consider giving your home one last dust, vaccum, wipe down and mop after every single item has been removed and before you say your final good-bye from your front door. Your buyers will really appreciate the effort you took to turn over a clean home to them!

[if !supportLists]3. Have everything ready for moving day! You may choose to move things little by little, which is fine, but have one big moving day where you get the big stuff and pretty much the rest of everything. Ask some friends and family to help (perhaps provide breakfast or lunch) and rent a moving truck. If you can, try to build in some wiggle room here so you have the space to feel all of the feels that can come up when leaving a home, take any last photos you desire or have some moments to remember and reminisce. It will also be nice to take 5 and enjoy a beverage through out the day so try not to pack in the schedule too tight this day. Plan a simple and easy breakfast that will hold you over for a while but that has easy clean up (remember-all of your dishes will be packed!) and dress appropriately for the season of the year you are moving in. Wear sensible shoes and clothing to avoid being too hot or cold and to avoid injuring yourself as well. If you have kids don't forget to plan for where they will need to be, what they will be doing or not doing and what they will need through out the day as well. Consider getting them a little treat to enjoy or something new but simple to help them keep themselves busy while your attention is elsewhere. The same advice follows for pets. Pets can often feel anxious and nervous on a move out day. They know something big is happening. Take care to calm their nerves and keep them safe so they don't act out on your movers or run away. Often, a small space will help pets feel better. Consider kennels with some treats in them for your furry family members as well. Lastly, don't forget about your movers. They will need some time to take a lunch break, will need to use your bathrooms and would really appreciate a tip at the end of the day. Plan accordingly to allow time for the lunch break, clean your bathrooms the very last and have some cash on hand before they arrive.

Side tip: if you prefer help packing or unpacking, host a “packing party”! Your loved ones will be sure to help you.

Good luck & happy moving!

What’s one thing that helps you make moving easier?

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