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Ringing in a Successful New Year

Happy 2017, my friend!! As we work on rubbing the slumber from our eyes and get back into the swing of normal, it’s also the perfect time to set some goals and intentions for this New Year!

I’ve rounded up a few resources to help you with the tools that you’ll need to ensure that you set yourself up for the best possibility of success.

First stop, some tips for setting successful new year’s resolutions.

With the average time-period to create a new habit, being 31 days, the key is to stay focused and starting out on the right foot.

Here are 31 Daily Tips for Keeping Resolutions from Spark People to help you do just that!

Next stop – get organized.

Between managing the house, the kids, the pets, the chores, it’s no wonder we mostly feel scattered and reactive.

Create a “command central” in your home, divvy up the to-do’s and take control.

Then, it’s resolution setting time! If a quick list is your game, then here are some simple printables and worksheets for creating those resolutions from Life With Me

If you’re work better with something a bit more detailed then, Wonderfelle Media has a great goal-setting worksheet and some tips on the best ways to set and achieve goals.

While you’re at goal setting, be sure to setup a way to track all of the great memories you’ll be making with your family. The Suburban Mom has a great idea on her New Year Memory Jar – a place to collect the events and things that make you smile.

So, happy resolution, goal setting and memory making this year, my friend. My wish for you is that this year is the best year yet for you!


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