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6 Tips to Enjoying a Safe Holiday Season

The holiday season = a time for family, relaxation and to enjoy the season. Being prepared and setting the stage, beforehand, will ensure that the season is an enjoyable one for all. Here are 6 tips to setting the right stage.

1. Make Your Guests Extra Comfy

With extra showers under-way, be sure to adjust the temperature on your hot water heater to a comfortable setting to extend the duration of those warm showers. Adjusting the setting from 140 (the standard setting) to 120 will stretch the amount of warm water and will decrease the change of hot water related accidents.

2. Clear the Driveways and Walkways

Make sure things are light and bright and properly cleared off for safe passageway into the house. Remove snow and clear off icy walkways before your guests arrive. Adding solar powered lighting will also ensure that Santa can find his way inside.

3. Responsibly Decorate

Take extra caution with the candles and always avoid the flammable decorations. Non-flammable and flame-retardant options will help to ensure your home is safe. With almost 11,o00 candle-related accidents each year, always be sure to properly exhaust them before heading to bed and keep them out of reach of children. If you have a live tree in your home, always be sure to properly water it as a dry tree can also pose a fire-related accident.

4. Kennel Your Pets

If your fur baby isn't accustomed to having small children around, small fingers and excited children can scare them enough to feel threatened and possibly react in a biting or scratching. To ensure enjoyable evenings, protecting the fur babies will ensure everyone is happy and safe.

5. Kitchen Safety

Who doesn't love the holiday treats and delicious meals that go along with the season? Making sure that you have a clean and safe space to prep your food and ensuring that everything is cooked to the right temperatures, will prevent your guests (and yourself) from getting sick.

6. Prevent Drunk Driving

Prepare the guest room, buy an air mattress or make up the sofa in the event that a guest has had too much to drink, will keep themselves and other drivers on the road safe.

Bottom line, the holiday season is an enjoyable time of the year and being prepared is not only smart, but helps to ensure that everyone stays safe and sound.

Stay safe, friends and enjoy the season!


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