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5 Family Christmas Date Night Ideas

The holidays are the time of year where families come together to make memories. What better way to spend time together to create those memories than by creating fun, family {holiday themed} date nights. Here are 5 examples to get you started.

1. Have a Christmas movie marathon and share your childhood favorites with your kids.

(Emmet Otter's Junk Bank Christmas)

2. Get dressed up and head out to enjoy a local orchestra as they brilliantly play all of your favorite holiday music.

3. Create your own Christmas family song or write and act-out a skit. No technology needed.

4. Recreate a childhood memory and share that with your kids like baking cookies, reading a story, or watching an old holiday show.

5. After dinner, everyone hop into their jammies, heat the cocoa and driver around looking at all of the Christmas lights.

Enjoy the season, be intentional about creating amazing memories and have fun!

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