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5 Ways to Spruce Up Your Out of Date Kitchen... for under $500 Bucks!

Have you been dreaming about updating your kitchen, but your wallet is still sleeping? Well wake up and smell the make over! OK but really, don't IS doable within a reasonable budget. Here are a few ideas for you:

  1. Declutter the Counter Tops. You know that funky vase you found at that yard sale all those years ago…the one holding all of the wooden spoons, yeah, that one?... It’s OK to go ahead and get rid of that. Also, you don’t need to have your Coffee Maker, Toaster, and Blender on the counter top. Consider adding some underneath shelving, with pull out drawers to hide these things away when not in use. This will open up the counter space, and invite peace into your kitchen!

  2. Paint….like, everything. The walls, the cabinets, the island. EVEN the countertops! Seriously check out your local home improvement store for countertop and cabinet resurfacing tips. Then get online and research how it’s done. It’s inexpensive, and not too time consuming.

  3. Does your kitchen have an island? If not,. Consider adding one. Check out some home décor sites, like WayFair and search “kitchen Island” …you will come up with tons of functional, design savvy options, for under $500.

  4. Kitchen lighting too dim? Or just plain out of date? Add a cool pendant, or channel your inner design star and find something really cool – like farmhouse chic, or retro. Ikea has some gorgeous inexpensive fixtures. Buy it, put it together, then pay an electrician to come and install it for you. It shouldn’t take an electrician very long to do this, so it won’t cost too much!

  5. Ok, this will sound crazy….but why not change the color of the dishwasher? This functional, and necessary appliance need not be ugly, or “run of the mill”….You can actually buy a panel that slides right over the front. Consider a pop of pink or red!

Be sure to share your kitchen spruce up ideas with us!

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