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Your First Thanksgiving in Your New Home

Happy November! Do you find yourself dreaming and planning (maybe stressing over) hosting your first Thanksgiving in your new home? Perhaps you are imaging the aroma of rosemary and thyme as your perfectly basted turkey roasts in the oven. Or maybe it is the dinner rolls rising or the pumpkin pie baking? Then you remember...this is my FIRST Thanksgiving dinner in MY home, and you start hyperventilating thinking about all that you need to get done! Well stress not my is a handy guide to hosting your first "practically perfect" Thanksgiving.

1. Plan your menu. Keep it Simple. Now is not the time to try 10 new recipes.

2. List, then requisition supplies. Table cloth, serving dishes, wine glasses, salt & pepper shakers, meat thermometer...etc.

3. ASK for HELP with the food. Make it a potluck. Delegate dishes to friends. Then everyone feels like they are a part of the meal. Contributing makes us feel useful.

4. Ask 1 friend to bring an appetizer. Make sure this is a friend who is always on time/early.

5. Ask one friend to help with clean up rather than bringing food. Good for Bachelors.

6. Set the table the night before. Get out all serving dishes and utensils, candles etc.

7. Have wine chilled and ready or make a pitcher of Apple Cider Sangria to set out. That way even if dinner is running a bit behind, no one will feel anxious with a drink in hand and appetizers to munch on.

8. Make as much ahead as possible. Rolls, casseroles, cranberry sauce. Be sure that you have left plenty of time ahead to thaw that turkey out. (in the refrigerator, you'll need 24 hours for every 4/5 pounds.)

9. Write out a timeline. Schedule in a shower. Seriously, schedule it, or you'll run out of time.

10. Relax and have fun! This is about friendship, family and a spirit of Thankfulness. Savor the clinking of glasses and chatter of those who care about most.

What is your favorite Thanksgiving dish or tradition? Share with us!

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