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Selling Your Home in the Fall or Winter...

Considering selling your home, but hesitating due to the season? Well, wait no more! Homes still sell in the fall and winter months! Especially when you prepare the home accordingly. Below are some great tips for staging a fall or winter home sale...

Be prepared for the weather. Buyers are likely going to be checking out the HVAC a bit more closely when the weather is cooler, so be sure yours is up to date and in good working order. Consider having a professional come out and do an inspection, change out the air filter and certify the furnace. If your unit is old, consider replacing it...that would be a real draw for buyers.

Add some curb appeal. It is a bit more challenging this time of year with yellow/brown grass and piles of leaves, but you can always rake things up, and place some seasonal decor on the porch. Be sure the porch light is working and that it is clean and free of dirt and cobwebs. Add a warm welcome mat and be sure the windows are clean and sparkling. If it is snowy or icy be SURE to have all sidewalks and driveways clear and safe for potential buyers to walk on.

Make your home warm and inviting. We live in Colorado so add some pine cones and how about a few flameless candles? If you have a fire place, have a fire going when buyers arrive. Keep the thermostat at a comfortable temperature. Don't forget to add some mild but delicious smelling fragrance to the home with wall plug ins in vanilla or other warm scent like pumpkin spice. Finally add some cozy touches like a warm throw and decorative pillows to the sofa.

What are your thoughts? Have you sold a home in the colder months? ...Share your secrets to success! Or are you a buyer looking for a home in the fall or winter? What were some of the things you liked when you saw a home on the market that drew you in?

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