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Do Not Do These 8 Things When Buying:

Many first time home buyers and even some folks who haven't purchased a home in a while forget these important things. Remember saying "no" to these things may be a sacrifice at the time, but the reward at the end is a giant "YES" when it comes to getting approved for a home loan.

1. Do NOT apply for a new credit card. Keep extra spending at bay.

2. Do NOT apply for a new auto loan. Keep those current cars!

3. Do NOT close any current credit accounts. (Believe it or not this actually hurts your score.)

4. Do NOT purchase new furniture for the home. It's hard- but WAIT.

5. Do NOT get behind on any of your current payments. This looks bad on your report!

6. Do NOT spend any of your'll need this for closing costs, and unexpected costs.

7. Do NOT move any money without a paper trail.

8. AVOID changing jobs. This is an absolute NO-NO.

So all of the above seems a bit harsh, but the good news is, if you can do all of these things until the loan is approved and the house is closed on, you will then be free to make any necessary financial changes/decisions. Be SURE to talk with your lender about the auditing period after the closing date. Call me with any questions! REMEMBER to ask and inform your lender about all financial dealings while you are within the loan process.

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