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Classic Denver Area Restaurants to Try....

Tired of the same 'ol, same 'ol when it comes to dinner? Spice it up a bit and try one of these classic Denver area restaurants:

1. Bonnie Brae Tavern. This Denver classic established in 1934, is one of the oldest family-run restaurants in Denver and it is best described as a "Long-running diner with an old-school ambiance dishing out red-sauce Italian & American diner eats."

2. Blue Bonnet. In 1968, Arlene and Philip Mobell bought the Blue Bonnet, which one of the the first post-prohibition bars, and turned it into the classic Mexican eatery it is today. Still family-run, the restaurant is famed for its very friendly service and great Margaritas.

3. Blue Parrot.The history of the Blue Parrot is long, colorful and many traditions have started here. Mary Colacci gave an open invitation to the residents of Louisville to join the Colacci family for big Italian dinners on Sunday afternoons. As more and more locals discovered the great taste, Mike and Mary Colacci decided to start a restaurant and officially opened the Blue Parrot in 1919.

4. Imperial Chinese. Since the Imperial Chinese Restaurant made its debut in 1985, it has become, quite simply, the standard by which all other Denver Chinese cuisine is judged. Owner Johnny Hsu, who has created a tradition of large scale, fine Asian establishments and owns the exquiste Palace Chinese Restaurant in south Denver. And while diners have remained loyal over the past two decades, so have the restaurant critics.

5. The Fort - feeling adventurous? The Fort, an award-winning Denver western restaurant located just southwest of Denver, is one of the nation’s most recognized establishments and sells more buffalo steaks than any other independently owned restaurant in the country. Featuring fine beef, buffalo, game and seafood, The Fort’s menu offers a tantalizing selection of old and new foods from the Early West. Feeling uber-adventurous? Try the famous Rocky Mountain Oysters!

What are some of your classic Denver faves?

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