The Tiny House Craze...

OK, so they're cute...but is this tiny house craze a phase-or is it here to stay?

Currently in Denver, there are many who support a motion to have their backyards become available lots for tiny houses.

We wish to welcome you to munchkin land....let's follow that yellow brick road and see where it leads....

In the Denver area, there are locals who build these adorable, yet functional can even plan ahead to see these on display at the National Western Complex in March of 2017.

So is a tiny house the right choice for you? Here are some questions to consider:

1. Where will you put your home? This is really the biggest obstacle for most people. You might be able to build a cottage as an accessory unit on a lot with a larger home or in a rural area with a liberal zoning code. Or, you might need to build it on wheels and keep it in an RV park.

2. Consider your family size and lifestyle. How many of you will be living there? Is that realistic with all of your children? Pets?...and what about guests?...are you OK not having the in-laws come and stay...wait, that is perhaps your biggest reason for thinking about a tiny house, isn't it?

3. Know that outdoor space is important. How much will you have? Is there ample room to roam out of doors since there isn't much room inside?

4. Build to standards. Building codes exist for a sure your home can withstand a good old fashioned Colorado Blizzard!

5. And finally... Consider your goals: No one else can make this decision for you, and while you may get support from some fellow swashbucklers, there will inevitably be the naysayers speaking just as loudly be of strong mind, the home may be small but the peace of mind we get when we know we are on the right path is HUGE.

Happy Adventures!


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