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5 Easy and Inexpensive Changes to Update a Builder Grade Home...

You've done it! You've taken the leap into home ownership! Hooray! It's OK if you couldn't afford all the bells and whistles up front. Does that mean you just have to live with the builder grade cabinets and lighting? No way! Here is a list of some inexpensive and simple and upgrades you can do right now...bring on the WOW factor!

1. Update the boring standard oak cabinetry in your kitchen with a little paint and new hardware. Try a steely grey for a bold, modern look that is warm and eye catching....or brighten your space up with some brilliant white or soft yellow paint. If you want to get really crazy you can do one color at the bottom and another complimentary color at the top! Woah.

2. Boring bathroom mirrors can go from blah to beautiful with a little wood framing. Updating the vanity lighting with a more unique fixture and again, the plain cabinetry can be updated with paint and new hardware.

3. The windows are another great place for inexpensive updates....try some framing/crown molding around each one...take it one room at a time.

Simple, fresh window treatments add a pop of color and bring definition to an otherwise anticlimactic space.

4. Update the kitchen and bathroom faucets....visit your local hardware or home improvement store for some tasteful upgrades....

5. Lastly, dress up the lighting. What a Bright Idea! You'd be amazed at how inexpensive new lighting fixtures can be! If you're feeling really creative, you can bring out the spray paint and create a custom piece all

your own.

Go forth and be bold, enjoy the process, and share your brilliant ideas! We love to learn from one another!

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