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Qualifying for a VA Home Loan

Qualifying for a VA home loan is perhaps not as daunting as you might have thought....

Even those with a not so perfect credit history can qualify, in fact, much more easily that those applying for a conventional loan. If you haven't had a late payment in the last 12 months, this is very good news! Even those with a bankruptcy can qualify as long as it has been written off for at least 2 years.

VA loans can be used to purchase single family homes, condos and townhomes and even prefabricated homes, with a permanent foundation. You can even be financed for new construction! So if you have been holding back perhaps this is just the news you needed to propel you or a loved one forward.

VA loans were given special qualification requirements in light of the service that these individuals have provided for our country. As Memorial Day approaches, we stop to remember these amazing individuals who have sacrificed so much. Perhaps it is also time to reflect on putting roots down in an area you love, and if qualifying for a VA loan can get you there, then why not! Please see this link for further information on the requirements for a VA

Happy Memorial Day! ....and thanks, from the bottom of our hearts for your service to our great country!

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