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Spring Fever! How to Keep Focused Until School's Out...

It's that time of year again! Class picnics, track and field day, warmer weather, graduation and the engines are revving for these kiddos who are SO ready for Summer Break! So how do we keep them, and ourselves focused until that glorious last ring of the school bell? Here are a few tips....

1. Get Organized. Believe it or not, being organized is key when it comes to being productive. Not only is it easier to find things you need when you need them, but it also increases your performance. You can get organized by decluttering book bags and backpacks, efficiently using notebooks, and storing loose paper in categorized folders. So much paperwork comes home this time of year, but don't let it get the best of you!

2. Set Schedules. Schedules work wonders when they are well thought out and there is commitment to sticking to them. Make the schedule realistic according to level of education and how much homework needs to be done. Try doing a "nighttime checklist" and "morning checklist" according to the age of your child (or hey, even for yourself). Teeth Brushed? Check. Homework completed AND packed up? Check. Lunch made and ready to go? Check.

3. Be Consistent. This step is very important in order to be successful. Work hard, but intentionally schedule times of rest and refreshment...we want to avoid end of the year burn out. Maybe one day this week you grab a Fro Yo right after school, or soccer practice THEN hit the homework. Offer rewards, if your child finishes a project on time, maybe hit the cheap theater for a flick and some popcorn, or allow then to invite a friend for some bowling or trip to the mall.

4. Eliminate Distractions. We all get distracted from time to time, but it's crucial that we keep them to a minimum This is especially true when we're trying to be productive. Put electronic devices away to keep away from games, social media, and texting. If the internet is needed in order to complete the work, try to stick to only the websites that are necessary until the work is complete.

5. Get your Zzz's and vitamin C's....

Self care is important and even more so when working under a deadline. . Getting proper sleep allows for the body and mind to be re-energized and re-focused. There's nothing more difficult than trying to accomplish a project when all you can think about is the pillow on your bed. If it's hard to find time for sleep, consider adjusting your schedule to make time for it- it's that important. Eat well, and drink plenty of H2O! It's tempting to grab fast food when overwhelmed, but with a little pre-planning and some to-go containers, you can have a healthy snack for you and the littles wherever you go.

Happy Spring all! Share some of your favorite tips for staying on top of things at this time of year....

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