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Visit Our Denver Dumb Friends League

There are some exciting things going on this month at Denver Dumb Friends League! Be sure to check them out at:

Thinking about getting a new pet? Have you ever considered adopting rather than buying a puppy or kitten from a pet store or even a breeder? There are so many furry friends that need a good home and our Denver Dumb Friends League has been connecting pets and their humans for over a hundred years!

The Dumb Friends League is a private, nonprofit organization that relies primarily on donations. The Dumb Friends League is a leader in providing humane care to lost and relinquished pets, rescuing sick, injured and abused animals, adopting pets to new homes, helping pets stay in homes, and educating pet owners and the public about the needs of companion animals. The Dumb Friends League is the largest animal welfare organization in the Rocky Mountain region, welcoming more than 25,000 animals a year to our two shelters. No animals are turned away. At the main shelter in southeast Denver and the Buddy Center in Castle Rock, cats, dogs, rabbits and other small pets enjoy the comfort of a nurturing environment in state-of-the-art facilities.

Consider adopting a pet, or donating to this wonderful organization!

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