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The Squeeze: Quality Family Time

Yep. We’re busy. So how do you {{squeeze}} in quality family time? Family time shouldn’t be stressful or feel forced. It can simply be conversation around the dinner table, the restaurant table or on the couch with bowls in your lap. (The only caveat is no electronic devices allowed). How about trying a fun game of asking specific questions: The parent starts by asking a child something like: “If you could have just one super power, what would it be and why?” Then you go around the table and the one who answers the question last, asks the next question. The Key Jar is a great tool loaded with "out of the box" questions for kids. This fabulous activity works well for anyone from ages 3 to 93. Click on the pic below for the download.


Another great idea is to take your child on a "date." A time where it is just about the kiddo, no cell phone no social media allowed for just a couple of hours. Let the child pick a fun restaurant or coffee shop, and just sit and talk. Many coffee shops have games set aside for customer use. How about a great game of Uno or Scrabble at the coffee shop over hot cocoa?

Hiking is a great family activity and is virtually free. Grab some healthy snacks and a couple of water bottles and make it a goal to find a new trail each time you go…or hike up even further on a trail you have found and love. If you don’t live near the mountains, find a lake or city trail that you can venture out on. City hikes afford a great opportunity to learn more about the buildings nearby. If you are near a lake or pond, bring along some bread crumbs for the ducks and geese. That just doesn’t get old no matter what age you are.

Ever thought of taking a family yoga or Zumba class? What about signing up for a 5K walk/run for a local charity? What a great time to bond as well as get fit!


Lastly, don’t underestimate the few minutes you spend with your child before bed “tucking them in.” Whether they are 7 or 17 years old, it is a great time to hang out at the edge of their bed, and ask about their day. A quick 2 questions: “What was your high today, and “What was your low today?” Then a hug or a hair tousle and you are off to drop into a dreamless sleep before starting all over again the next day…..

What is your favorite family activity? Share here- we all love to learn from one another!

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