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Considering a Renovation? Learn How to Get More Bang for Your Buck.

Most Realtors, Interior Designers and Contractors will tell you that renovating your kitchen is the best place to start. Updates like stainless steel appliances and natural stone, or granite counter tops really add value.

New cabinets in neutral tones or natural wood also make a very noticeable difference. The kitchen is the hub - the heart of the home and updating this area will not only please the eye, but it will also give you a great return on your investment…sometimes up to 100%.

Bathrooms are another great way to invest in your property. Adding a large walk-in shower to the master bathroom (these are more popular now as fewer people feel they have time for a luxurious bath these days), along with updated fixtures, lighting and flooring can take a space from drab to fab.

If your property has more than 2 bedrooms, and only one bathroom, you may want to first consider adding a second bath before improving the master bath.

Curb appeal. We love it – our neighbors love it – potential buyers love it.

Consider hiring a landscaping professional, or if you are a big do-it- yourself-er, then peruse magazines, and online design sites. Grab a latte and cruise by homes in neighborhoods that you love. Note what others have done and take those ideas into consideration when you start your own spruce up. A fresh coat of paint, a porch swing or a new lighting fixture can really brighten up a dreary entry.

Shrubs can be fairly inexpensive, and inexpensive ground covering like mulch or rock can cover over dead spaces while making them very attractive. Be sure to fix any cracks on driveways or walk ways. And for heaven’s sake, take a broom and clear away any cobwebs. You don’t want a potential buyer to be counting spiders as they wait for the realtor to open the lockbox.

Reality is though, if you have a leaky roof or a broken furnace, you are not going to get a buyer past the front door to be dazzled by the new kitchen. Fix any major issues before putting your home on the market, or making cosmetic improvements.

Perhaps a home equity loan is right for you. There are many ways a home equity loan can help not only improve your home, but boost the equity and get you a great return on your investment, when used wisely.

Even if you are not ready to sell and you are just wondering where the best to start with renovations, just remember to take it one room and one project at a time. If you haven’t lived in your home very long, and you know you want to make updates but just don’t know where to start, you can do some small projects, and fresh updates with paint to make the space livable while you plot….take your time and enjoy the process of making your house a home.

Cheers to you and if you have any questions about a home equity loan or need any recommendations, just let me know…always happy to help!

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