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The Best 4 Steps to Moving

When it comes time to move there are so many things that seem to happen at once. There are also many emotions that come with moving- excitement, sadness, and stress. If you follow these four steps, your move will be less painful and smoother. Good luck!

1. Get the packing started early. You can begin packing the first day you decide you have to move (even if it’s cleaning out the garage or the attic.) Don’t be afraid to start too early- be afraid to start too late. Begin packing things you don’t need- or see- often.

2. Have a yard sale, sell your items online, donate to charity, trash them, or give them away. As you’re packing you’re sure to come across many things you don’t need or want anymore. Reduce the amount of stuff you actually have to move and get rid of it.

3. Don’t pack the necessities. At least not right away. Be sure you have your day-to-day items out and accessible at all times. If you must pack them, keep them clearly marked and placed away from everything else.

4. Transfer over the utilities prior to moving in. Call everyone you need to in order to make sure you have everything you need ready to go. Think water, electricity, TV, WiFi (because that’s important now, right?)

What’s one tip you have for an easy move?

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