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6 Family Fun Nights

When was the last time your family got together and did something fun? With crazy work schedules, school schedules, after school activities, and technology, it’s easy to lose track of one another and the bond that comes with hanging out and communicating. To tighten the gap that sometimes comes into our homes, I’ve narrowed down 6 family fun nights for you and your family to enjoy.

Homemade pizza nights. We all need to eat dinner, right? When you’re at the grocery store, buy ingredients for homemade pizzas and let everyone make their own. It’ll be some fun, quality time spent in the kitchen plus everyone gets to eat what they want.

Game night. Whether it’s cards, a board game, or a Wii game, get the family together for a few hours and enjoy a game! Make it interesting, fun, and your own. (Tip: put the distracting tech gadgets away.)

Play sports. As the weather will be getting warmer, it’ll be easier to get the gang outside to play. Go to a local park and get on the tennis courts, basketball courts, or baseball field and get a game going. Invite your friends and family along, too. The more the merrier!

Go to the movies. Who doesn’t love the experience of a movie theater every now and then? Find a nice family film and make it a date.

Book night. If you’re a family of book lovers, why not have a book night? Think “family book club.” It’s a great way to bond over something everyone enjoys doing.

Local festivity. Spring and Summer are great for local festivities! Check out what’s going on in your area and plan a night out. The great thing about these is you’re not doing the same thing over and over again.

How do you and your family enjoy a fun night?

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