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5 Activities for Small Kids

Having a family is great and we all know to enjoy every stage of childhood, but sometimes it can be a struggle trying to find something to do with toddlers. We want to provide entertainment for everyone, so I have come up with 5 activities you can enjoy as a family.

Bake. Baking can be fun and simple depending on what you decide to bake. With your guidance, your toddler can help you put ingredients into a bowl, mix things with their hand, and decorate. It’s always a fun time when frosting and sprinkles are involved.

Go to the park. Playgrounds are a hit with kids who want to explore. It gives them excitement going down slides and swinging on swings. You can also take a ball and pass it back and forth, let them chase it, or work on their throwing skills. Go outside and get active at the park.

Visit the zoo or aquarium. Kids love to see new animals, so introduce them to many! Now’s a great time to bring their books to reality and see if they recognize their favorite characters and the noises they make. Teach them that learning can be fun.

Make crafts. Making a craft is a fairly easy and inexpensive activity. It can also help teach your toddler shapes and colors. Finger paints are great for fun and interaction. Create a portrait of their handprints and footprints. If you do it often, you can both watch as they grow.

Build a fort. Bring out your inner child and build a fort in your living or bedroom. Once it’s built, read a book or play a game inside! Create memories they’ll cherish forever.

What activity do you and your young child enjoy the most?

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