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Things That Make Your Home Smell...Bad

Have you ever noticed the odors you smell when walking into someone’s home and wonder if your home has odor? And if so, does it smell bad? There may be a few factors that do indeed make your home smell foul. Good news! If you’re aware of your surroundings, you’ll be able to eliminate those bad smells.

Consider these factors:

Pets. If you have pets, especially if they’re both indoors and outdoors pets, they’re most likely trailing gunk in and out of your home. Making sure your pets are kept clean and well groomed will prevent shedding fur and dirt around the house. Be sure to clean up after them as they come back inside as well. It may feel like you’re chasing them with a broom at times, but it comes with the love of having a pet. Make sure cages and kennels are well kept also.

Excess moisture. If you’ve had a leak under your sink and it took you a while to notice, you’ve probably already developed a mold problem. Either way, having old moisture hiding out will lead to an odor problem. If you begin to smell strange odors in your home, investigate!

Smoking. If you’re a smoker, the smell will linger around your home. Who likes the smell of old cigarettes? Try to avoid smoking in your home and have a designated area outside, but not directly outside of the door. If you’re willing to go above and beyond, have a jacket you wear specifically when you smoke and take it off before walking back inside.

Uncleanliness. This factor may seem a little obvious, but let’s face it: how clean of a person are you? If you let your trash pile up, your dishes pile up, and even your laundry pile up, it’s probably leaving an odor you can’t detect in your home. Keep up with housework on a regular basis and avoid being the friend with the stinky home.

What’s one thing you do to eliminate odors in your home?

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