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How to Give Your Home a Makeover

There are several reasons why you feel your home needs a makeover, either you haven’t given it any TLC in a while or you’re tired of looking at the same old thing. Whatever your reason is, you can give your home the makeover it needs and deserves!

Here’s how:

Update the appliances. Not only will your home love yourself for this, but you’ll love yourself for this as well. Find a matching appliance set (they may be cheaper if you buy them as a set) and replace the old ones you have. The technology on some of the appliances these days are awesome! Treat yourself.

Do some repainting. Take on a crafty project and repaint something in your home. Not only will it be fun and exciting, but you’ll bring life back into your home. If there’s an old fixture in your home (such as brass), repaint it to look more modern. It’ll be lovely!

Pro tip: Paint your front door for a more inviting look.

Install hardwood floor. This is an option for you if you currently have carpet and decide you’re done being a carpet person, or you have old hardwood flooring that’s old and tired anyway. Picking out new floors is exciting, but not as exciting and coming home to it everyday!

Add or replace your kitchen backsplash. Most of us know how harsh cooking can be on the wall or wallpaper around the stove. Find a nice tile backsplash to call your own. It’s easy to clean and will keep your kitchen looking flattering.

In what ways have you given your home a makeover?

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