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Tips for Buying Your First Home Together

As you’re growing and living life with your significant other, you’re going to have a lot of firsts. Most of them are going to be exciting and then you’re going to have some that are still exciting, but can be a little more stressful. Buying a home together for the very first time is a great example of exciting, yet stressful- especially if you’ve hardly lived with each other in the past.

Here are just a few things you’ll need to consider:

Where are you going to live? Location plays a huge part in where you live because you have to consider how far away are you going to live from work? Are you going to have a long commute? Are you willing to commute? How far away will you be from family and friends? Are you willing to live far away from family and friends? What are different areas like? After you’ve answered these questions for yourself, you’re going to have to figure out the answers for your spouse.

What are your needs and wants for your new home? Surely both of you have a list. Now combine them and find a common ground. (Warning: you may have to sacrifice something to accommodate for the other person, but that’s what you signed up for, right?) Ideally, you’ll find a home that will fit both of your homes, but realistically, that probably won’t happen.

Talk finances. Now is the time to drag the money skeletons out of the closet and let them see the light. Tell each other everything that has to do with your finances so you can decide 1) are you (financially) ready to buy a home? and 2) how much home can you afford?

Shop together. This is the really fun part- you get to go look at houses! YAAAY! Enjoy the journey and take your time finding what’s right for you. Don’t jump into something you may end up regretting later. Find balance meaning don’t buy a fancy home you can’t afford, but also don’t settle for something cheap that you aren’t going to enjoy.

What tips do you have for couples buying their first home together?


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