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5 Anniversary Traditions You Can Start

People say time and time again that the first year of marriage is the hardest. After the honeymoon phase passes, reality starts to set in and you’re facing the world together. Well, when you’ve passed that (yes, I said when) and you hit your first milestone- your anniversary- you’ll have something to really celebrate! Take one of these traditions and run with it!

Have a photo shoot. Nothing captures the moment better than a photo. Find a great photographer and start posing! Start a photo album beginning with your wedding day and enjoy watching the years add up.

You know that special wine you picked out for your wedding day? Why not only drink it on your anniversary and make it that much better? Open a bottle and reminisce on the year and years that pass. Even more, talk about the years to come.

Have a nice dinner with the same food you ate at your wedding. Whether you decide to dine out or dine in, the tastes will surely bring back those sweet memories.

Revisit the site where you got married. This would be easier if where you got married is local. If you had a destination wedding you can go back every 3-5 years. That’s reasonable, right?

Take a vacation! Depending on your budget, this can be as extreme as leaving the country or as simple as a getaway trip a few hours down the road. The destination isn’t as important as the person you’re spending it with.

Which anniversary tradition is most appealing to you?


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