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Wishing You a Married Christmas

Christmas is just days away and you're celebrating as a newlywed couple. Are you excited? You should be! We've gone over some family traditions whether it's starting your own as a new family or following old family traditions, but what about having something special to share between just the two of you? Here are a few suggestions:

1. Cuddle around the Christmas tree. Grab a blanket, some hot cocoa (spiked or not), and admire your tree. Talk about the things that have happened this year and the years to come.

2. Christmas movies are always special because it only makes sense to watch them once a year. Pull out the classics or browse for one on TV and make a night of it. It'll also be fun to watch and share your favorite Christmas movie.

3. Make plans for the new year. It's very common for new year's resolutions to be made then be forgotten. Get serious- where do you want to be financially, individually, and as a couple? Talk it out, write it down, then make a plan. Each year go over your progress then make new goals.

This is just the beginning of your lives together so make it count!

How are you and your honey planning to celebrate your first Christmas as a married couple?

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