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5 Ways to Get Your Spouse to Spend Less

Trying to save money for any reason can be hard if you and your spouse are not focused. One of you may have your heart and soul into it while the other isn’t taking your situation seriously. Whether you’re saving for a new home, a new car, a vacation, or just to have some extra cash, it takes effort and dedication.

To get your spouse to spend less, try these 5 tips!

1. Be on the same page. Figure out how you both feel about money. What are the similarities and differences? After you’ve determined which page you both are on, find a common ground and begin working out a plan.

2. Find a motivation. Determine why you’re trying to save money. Make sure you’re both excited about what’s to come out of it (new home, vacation)- just make it exciting. The more exciting it is, the more dedicated you’re likely to be.

3. Check in once a week. Don’t talk about it once then throw it on the back burner. You need to address your finances and address them often. Set aside some time when you can both focus and talk. You’ll want to look into where you’re money is, where it’s coming from, and where it’s going on a regular basis.

4. Don’t make it overwhelming. If the conversation is too serious, you’re going to dread it. More often than not, when someone dreads saving or even talking about money, it’ll cause them to go out and spend what they have. To avoid this, make sure you’re both ready to have the conversation and ready to take action.

5. Ask a professional.There’s absolutely nothing wrong to seek advice or help from a professional. If you believe that’s the best thing for you, do it. They will provide guidance and help you set realistic goals.

In the midst of it all, don’t forget to give the both of you an allowance to be able to purchase a few things every now and then. Make it reasonable. Being on too strict of a budget may lead to failure.

What’s one tip you have for saving money as a couple?

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