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5 Reasons Why You Want to Clean Your House

When it comes to cleaning, are you a person who dreads the thought, or are you a “neat freak” and MUST have everything in place? Regardless of where you fit in, it’s very important to clean your house. Cleaning is more difficult when you have a family as opposed to living by yourself, which is why you should create a chore chart to have everyone help out (if this situation applies to you.) Get a routine going, you’ll thank yourself later.

In the meantime, here are the 5 reasons you want to clean up:

1, Your appliances will thank you. No, seriously. If you keep everything clean and in its place, chances are you’ll extend the life of your appliances. Consider a quick wipe down every day as part of your routine, then a deep cleaning every 2 weeks or so.

2. Less family sick time. Whether you’re sick or the kids are sick, it’s never a fun time. Minimize the chances of your family becoming ill by disinfecting common areas (vacuum, sweep, mop, dust, and don’t forget to disinfect door knobs as well as cabinets.) If your home is extremely dusty, remember that your family is breathing it all in.

3. It’ll make you feel good. There’s some sense of accomplishment that comes with having a clean home. You won’t feel bad for sitting down with a good book or a movie. You’ll also experience the joy of walking in to a clean house after a long day. Sounds relaxing already, wouldn’t you say?

4, It clears your mind. People tend to think more clearly when the environment around them is clear. If you’re around clutter all day, you’ll probably be clutter minded. Regain your focus by having a neat and clean surrounding. Trust me, you’ll feel more productive.

5. You’ll save time later. You’d be amazed at how many hours we waste away every year trying to look for something that we’ve misplaced. This time can be reduced if we put things back to where they belong as soon as we’re done using it. Not only will you save time looking for it later, but you’ll also save time in your cleaning process because that’s one less thing you’ll have to pick up.

Do you have any cleaning tips you’d like to share that make your chores a little easier?

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