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5 Things You Should Have in Your Marriage

Whether you’ve been married for 15 days or 15 years, eventually you’ll learn that marriage is work. There are plenty of obstacles that will cross your path and you’ll have to get through them together. After all, that’s what a marriage is, right? If you’re both on the same page and you’re both trying, I have no doubt that things will always workout.

Here I have 5 things you should have and begin practicing in your marriage.

Be thankful. Be appreciative. This is so very important. It’s too easy to get used to each other that you overlook the things they do throughout the day. Keep it in your mind to notice these things and acknowledge them for it.

A simple “thank you” will make all the difference. Once a person begins to feel unappreciative or unnoticed, it becomes a problem. Let’s avoid this, shall we?

Be protective. In this I mean keep your marriage under your wing and don’t let things get out of control. You must be selective of people you let into your lives and get rid of all things and people who are toxic.

Set boundaries and always be considerate of each other. Yes, we know you’re an adult and can do whatever you want, but if you want to come home to a happy home, you have to be sure that whatever you’re doing is also OK with your spouse.

Have openness, trust, and honesty. Secrets are the enemy of a marriage. Don’t allow them to consume you. You should always remain honest with your spouse. If you feel like you need to hold onto a secret, reconsider. T

elling lies to cover your secret will only lead down a path of “how do I trust you?” Also be approachable and don’t overreact if your spouse has a secret to share with you. A long, healthy marriage requires forgiveness.

Put your marriage first. Life can become overwhelming so make time for each other- just the two of you. No work, no kids, no pets, no friends. Have time for you to reconnect on both an emotional and physical level.

Let go of the little things. Learn to accept each other’s flaws. You’re bound to have a petty argument so you’ll have to learn to kick them. If you’ve ever heard the saying, “Would this matter in a year from now?” If not, let it go. Of course, there will be instances where you have to talk things out and if a situation like that arises; please do talk to each other. Agree to disagree and never go to bed upset.

What tips do you have to share for building a successful marriage?

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