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Labor Day Weekend in Denver

Labor Day weekend is this weekend- where did the time go? As the unofficial end of summer is upon us, let’s get in a few more activities before the fall and winter festivities begin. For this weekend specifically, I have come up with a list of 5 things you can do with the family.

1. A Taste of Colorado. This event is a hit every year. It includes TONS of food, activities, live music, and rides. Head down to Civic Center Park September 4th-7th and join in on the fun. It’s appropriate for all ages!

2. Colorado State Fair. Starting September 4th and ending September 7th, this event is taking place at the Colorado State Fairgrounds. Here you can enjoy parades, country concerts, horse shows, and livestock. What a great way to end summer!

3. Mountain get-a-way. The mountains are a great get-a-way any time of the year. Whether you go for relaxation or enjoy participating in physical activities, the warmer weather is always very accommodating for a fun day or weekend.

4. Go to a Ball Game. Even though the Colorado Rockies haven’t been performing at their best, it’s still fun to go out and enjoy a ball game. Grab your ball cap and head to Coors Field.

5. Visit Elitch Gardens. Most of us see it every day and how can you not? It’s right in Downtown Denver! When was the last time you actually visited Elitch Gardens? There’s nothing like a good adrenaline rush to help you clear your mind of the stresses caused by every day life. Round up the family and ride it out.

Take some time out of your busy schedule and enjoy this festive weekend and holiday. Come Monday, don’t forget to put those white clothes away!

Happy Labor Day!

How do you and your family celebrate Labor Day?

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