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5 Ways You Can Save Money as Newlyweds

Being a newlywed can be hard work- especially in the finance department. As you’re establishing your new lives together, it’ll be a good idea to start putting some money away. Whether you decide to save it for a rainy day, want to save to buy a house, or just have some money put away, it’s never a bad idea to keep some cash on the side. Here, I have put together 5 different ways you can save money.

  • Share Meals. This one may be a little extreme to think about, but it makes sense. Every now and then we want to go out and splurge at our favorite restaurant, but you can do it without breaking the bank. If you order something and you know (based on past experiences) that you’re going to need a to-go box, scrap the doggy bag and just order one plate. Both of you will get a half and just like that you’ve eliminated the unnecessary left-overs and saved a few dollars. Besides, can’t sharing a plate be romantic anyway?

  • Buy in Bulk. Two stores come to mind when it comes to buying in bulk: CostCo and Sam’s Club. We know that buying in bulk may not be cheap at the counter, but over time it will be so worth it. Consider buying household items such as toilet paper, trash bags, non-perishable foods, pretty much anything you can store for long periods of time.

  • Have a Meal Plan and Budget. Sit down once a week and decide what you’re going to eat that week. Figure out how much you have to spend and what’s already in your kitchen then work around that. Don’t overwhelm yourself with cooking every night if you’re not up for it. Eat them leftovers and allow yourself to eat out or have a date night once a week or so.

  • Check for Sales Online. Websites such as Amazon and Ebay could be your best friends in this area. If you need something for your home or for yourself, check the price in the store then compare it to the prices online. If it’s cheaper online (consider shipping and handling as well), and you can wait for it to be delivered, buy it online. Chances are you’ll find a much better price than you were willing to pay.

  • Use Store Rewards. Decide which stores you shop at the most and see if they have a rewards program you can use. For example, some grocery stores incorporate points with gas prices. So if you spend X amount of money grocery shopping, you can get up to X many cents off of a gallon of gas. If the store you regularly shop at doesn’t offer some kind of reward program, shop around for one who does.

Once you get the hang of it, finding ways to save money will get easier. You’ll find ways to cut corners here and there. Let sales and coupons be your friends. When you check your savings account in a few years, it’ll be oh so worth it.

Now it’s your turn- how have you and your spouse learned to save money?

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