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Preparing to Go Back to School

Going back to school can be a tedious task for both parents and kids. However, it’s something that has to be done every year and each year seems to feel like the year before.

It’s VERY stressful to wait until the last minute to do school shopping because you’ll find yourself in the middle of what feels like a war zone in the school supply isle.

Let’s go over a few things you can do to make going back to school a little easier on your family.

Have your supplies ready. With the first days of school rapidly approaching, you hopefully have all of the supplies on your list checked off.

These are the supplies that your kids have to take to school with them, but what about having supplies at home? It’s probably a good idea to keep some very basic supplies at home just to have handy while doing homework.

Sometimes the supplies that you bought off the list can be forgotten at school and you don’t want your child to fall behind because of it.

Develop a communication system. This should be between you and your children as well as you and their teachers. Upon the first day of school, make sure you have contact phone numbers and e-mail addresses.

It’s not enough to assume whatever goes on at school is sufficient to the student’s success. Parents, you need to be involved, too. It’s OK to ask teachers for follow-ups or progress reports so don’t be afraid to ask.

Have a homework plan. Know your resources both at school and at home. Know the subjects your students are studying so you can help them when they need it. (If you’re stumped yourself, hellllooooo, Google)!

Create a homework schedule. Whether it’s the first two hours after school or the whole Saturday morning just make sure it’s consistent. You’re conditioning your students for the future and you don’t want to teach them bad habits such as not completing the whole assignment or doing it at the last minute.

Make a routine. It’s encouraged since infancy to get your child on a routine in order to help things smooth over. Establishing routines into childhood, adolescence, and adulthood will enhance organization and production throughout life.

Create morning routines, after school routines, homework routines, and bedtime routines. Keeping everyone on a routine will keep chaos limited in your home.

As you prepare for school, what’s one thing you do to get everyone excited and back in the groove of things? I’d love to hear them!

Happy learning!

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