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Before You Choose a Realtor

Buying a home comes with a lot of tasks one of which is choosing a realtor. Before you become overwhelmed with who to choose, where to start, or decide to go with the first person you find, read these tips for finding the perfect realtor for you.

Ask for a recommendation. If you know of a family member or friend who recently bought a new home, ask them who their realtor was and if they would recommend them or not.

Ask for feedback on how well they worked together and if the realtor was able to simplify the buying process for them.

If you like what they have to say about their realtor, ask for their contact information.

Research & investigate. Say you received a recommendation from someone you’ve asked, be sure to do your homework on them. Go to their website, read reviews, see what other people have to say. Don’t limit yourself to your recommendations.

Search for other realtor you can go through that may also be a good choice for you. If you’ve already bought a home in the past, consider using them to purchase your next home this time.

Don’t hesitate to interview potential realtors. After all, they are working for you.

Know what you want. Before you even hire a realtor, know exactly what you want. You can even put together a checklist of must haves in the home including the location. This will simplify the process of jumping right into things and save time for the both of you.

Compare and choose. After all of your homework and research is done, it’s time to sit down and take a look at your options. Compare them and weigh the pros and cons of each one.

After you’ve done so, start eliminating the realtors you don’t want to go through until you’re left with only one.

Congratulations, you’ve chosen your realtor!

If you have gone through these steps and still haven’t found the right person, contact me and I will help you get started!

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