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Newlywed Moving Tips

Congratulations! You are officially a married couple, cheers to you! So, you get back from the honeymoon and what’s the next step going forward? Moving in!

Whether you purchased your first home together or found a rental, this can be a stressful task.

Use these tips to help keep your composure and make your move a breeze!

Create a plan. It’s no secret that having a plan is the golden key for making anything go smoothly. Not only will it save you time, but it’ll save quite a bit of frustration and headache.

That being said, plan, plan, plan! Sit down with your partner and decide who, what, when, and how. (Hopefully you already know the where and the why).

Help each other out. For better or for worse- start living your vows by helping each other pack and move. You are no longer on your own, you’re a team. In your plan, decide whose stuff is going to be packed and moved first.

It’s very important to plan ahead because depending on what you have, you’ll probably need more than a day or two to get everything ready to go.

Make lists. Lists can be extremely helpful in your move. Each of you writes down what you already have, what you received as wedding gifts, and what you need.

Sit down and look at your lists together, and compile them. If you already have something that the other person needs, you can simply check it off of your list and move on.

Sort & trash. This falls right into going over your lists. If you have duplicates of something, or if you received something newer as a wedding gift, get rid of the old stuff.

You don’t have to hoard a bunch of stuff you don’t need- especially as you’re just starting out with each other.

Remember, this is supposed to be a new direction for both of you. It’s okay to leave unnecessary things behind and start fresh.

Do you have any additional tips to share? I’d love to hear them!

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