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10 Creative and Fun Things To Do to Battle Summer Boredom

This summer you may have big plans for your family, specifically the kids since school is out of session. You may find yourself looking for outdoor activities or finding some boredom busters if your kids are staying home.

Lucky enough, here is a list of 10 things you can do. They’re sure to be a lot of fun!

1. Zoo day- Whether this means an actual trip to the zoo or making zoo masks, it’s a great opportunity to learn about different types of animals (and pretend to be them).

2. Pirate day- Aarr! How about a treasure hunt? Dressing up as pirates and looking for treasure whether it be in the backyard, around the house, or at a park the kids will have a blast!

3. Literature day- It is very important during summer that children continue to read so why not make a day of it? This day can be dedicated to a group reading, reading with a partner, or individual reading. Let them agree on a book that everyone will love.

4. Science day- This day can get very exciting if you opt to do simple science experiments. (Remember that volcano experiment you did as a kid? Bring it back to life!)

5. Arts & Crafts- Pull out the paint, crayons, chalk, whatever your heart desires and start making stuff! Let the imaginations run wild and let them paint what’s in their minds or you can try to create a story with everything they’ve created.

6. Building day- Use this day to build stuff with blocks or Legos. If you really want to get creative, try making a playhouse out of old boxes.

7. Swimming day- Beat the heat with a trip to the swimming pool or water park. Don’t forget the sunblock!

8. Food day- Gather the kids together and try some fun desert recipes. Try something such as design your own cupcake or cookie. For a healthier choice, opt for making your own fruit salads.

9. Sports day- This is the day to get active. Decide on a sport or two and make it fun. After all, that’s what’s most important.

10. Nature scavenger hunt- This is an exciting out door activity that can be done just about anywhere! Take a look around and create a list of items that stand out and some that hide and blend in with others. Add bonus items such as a butterfly that may or may not be present.

With these summer activities, the kids will be happy and well entertained throughout the summer without resorting to television or other electronics. Who wants to be stuck inside all summer long anyway?

Tell me, what is your favorite summertime activity?

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