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Planning Your Wedding/Celebration on a Budget

Warm weather has arrived and with it comes many celebrations including and especially weddings! Having a celebration can get expensive, but it IS possible to get it done (beautifully I might add) and have fun… on a budget.

Here are 5 tips:

  1. Take advantage of the warm weather and have an outdoor ceremony and/or reception. You could pull it off for really cheap, if not free! Consider reserving space at a park or even a friend or family member’s house. A backyard can turn out to be just as beautiful as a venue.

  1. Buy or rent used attire. If you’re getting married, you might want to take into consideration a previously used wedding gown. Brand new they can very well be in the thousands of dollars. Buying or renting one previously used will dramatically reduce the cost. Remember, attire can be used for any other occasion as well (think graduation). There is nothing wrong with something slightly used. Chances are you may not even notice!

  1. Opt for do-it-yourself decorations. The possibilities here are endless. You can even go as far as making your own fake flowers. It will take more time, but your budget will thank you as we all know flowers can get pricey.

  1. Consider a smaller wedding or celebration. The math is obvious here- the less people you have the less it’s going to cost. We’re not talking about a dramatically small celebration, but there’s no need to invite friends you haven spoken to in years. Think close friends and family only.

  2. Cut down on food costs. Hiring a caterer can get expensive, too. Instead, consider making summer-style foods and finger foods. A few examples are pasta salads, potato salads, and finger sandwiches. Another alternative would be to ask a few close friends or family to make a dish or two. Kind of like a potluck.

Whether you decide to use one, a few, or all of these tips, they will spare you some money here and there. You can use the extra money for another area of your wedding or celebration or you can save it for personal expenses later.

Are you celebrating something special this summer? If so, leave a comment! I’d love to hear from you!

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