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10 Things To Do Over Summer Break

Summer break is here and pretty soon the kids are going to get bored- if they haven’t already. Here are 10 things you can do to keep them entertained.

  1. Play date- Schedule a play date with a classmate, neighbor, friend, or family member. It’s always fun to get the kids together to play and allow for the parents to get together as well. Keep it simple by going to the park.

  2. Museum day- Set up a day to visit the museum. There are plenty around and they offer free days! Who doesn’t love a free day? (I know I do!)

  3. Library day- Even though it IS summer break that doesn’t mean the learning (or reading) should also come to an end. Encourage the kids to spend time with you at the library and check out some new books. Don’t forget to grab one (or two) for yourself.

  1. Movie day- Whether it’s at home or the theater, this one is a family favorite. If you decide to have a movie day at home, stock up on your favorite snacks and get comfy on the couch and turn that movie on!

  2. Go to the zoo- Head on over to the zoo and visit the animals. It’s always entertaining and fun for everyone. Show up early in the morning and plan a day of it.

  3. Bedroom makeovers- Spice things up a bit with a bedroom makeover for the little ones. Do some rearranging and/or redecorating. This can be as simple as repainting some picture frames or buying some new decor to changing out the bedding. Remember to be kind to your budget.

  4. Lunch/picnic date- This one is similar to the play date, except it’s more specific to spending some quality time together. Pack a lunch and take it to the park and have a picnic. Or you can set it up right in your yard.

  5. Sports day- Keep everyone active this summer by having a sports day. Visit a local ballpark, basketball court, or tennis court just to name a few ideas. If you really want to go all out, pack up several items to play multiple sports. For example, a soccer ball, a football, and a basketball.

  1. Puzzles/games- For those rainy days, stay indoors and put together a puzzle or play a board game. Be sure to choose one that is fun for the whole family and age appropriate.

  2. Amusement parks- Last, but certainly not least, visit an amusement park. If you plan to go a lot, look into purchasing season passes for the whole family. If not, take a day or two out of your summer to spend at one. The kids will surely enjoy it and you will, too.

If you decide to do one of these activities, or all of them, you’ll have a fun filled summer for the whole family. Remember: fun can be budget and kid friendly- so don’t overwhelm yourself.

Do you have a favorite activity to do in the summertime perhaps a tradition of some sort? If so, please share it!

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